> A mini-conference for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities in Toronto.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, how do we ensure that BIPOC folx can have critical discussions about technology, find community supports for navigating racism in the industry, and connect with each other openly and honestly?

Register for February 23rd


Join IntersectTO for a day filled with honest conversations about how to navigate workplaces, build community, and work towards digital justice — led by BIPOC folx, for BIPOC folx.

This is a full-day event, so feel free to join us for one session, or the entire day.

> The morning session will explore what digital justice looks like for BIPOC communities.

How do design and tech industries perpetuate white supremacy and colonialism? What does racial justice activism look like in the digital age? What does creating dedicated digital spaces for communities of colour look like? These topics topic will be examined through a keynote address, and series of lightning talks from BIPOC community members.

> In the afternoon, we'll have group discussions on navigating workplace dynamics as BIPOC.

We’ll explore how to gain professional power outside of work, as well as strategies for combating performative “Diversity & Inclusion” initiatives. Our community will share lived experiences and challenges, collaborating on building solutions for hope, healing and empowerment in the workplace.

* NOTE: This event is closed to people who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour. Please register for this event only if you identify as BIPOC.


Dr. Dori Tunstall

Decolonizing design: How diversity and inclusion is not enough

Daniella Barreto

What do Black organizing and racial justice activism look like in the digital age?

Yasmin Dini

Medical ethics: A critical discussion on artificial intelligence and liver cancer care

Ayat Salih

Is the Audience the Producer?

Kelly Lui

Counter-Archival: The TACLA Initiative

Jasmine Gui

Counter-Archival: The TACLA Initiative


The mini-conf will take place at OCADU: 100 McCaul St, Toronto.

> Transit

The closest subway station is St. Patrick station. If the cost of TTC fare is a barrier to attending, please email intersectto[at]gmail[dot]com and we will do our best to accomodate!

> Accessibility

There is an accessibility ramp outside of 100 McCaul. There are accessible washrooms outside the main theatre in 100 McCaul. There is an elevator within this building for access to the second breakout room located on the second floor.

We will have ASL interpretation for both morning and afternoon sessions. Please get in touch with organizers through intersectto(at)gmail.com if you have additional access needs.

> Washrooms

There are gender neutral washrooms in the same location as the accessible washrooms outside the main theatre.


[ Sign-in and light breakfast will begin at 9:30am ]

23 Feb, 2019

10 : 00 AM - 10:15 AM


About IntersectTO, quick housekeeping, and overview of the day

10 : 15 AM - 11 : 00 AM

Keynote: Dr. Dori Tunstall - Decolonizing Design: How diversity and inclusion is not enough

What does it mean to be truly inclusive in design? How do values that we hold as individuals translate to the experiences we design for? For this talk, Dean of OCAD University's Faculty of Design, Dori Tunstall walks us through the values aligned with decolonization and how to put them into praxis. Why should you attend? Dori will demystify how trends of “Diversity and Inclusion” are not the only solutions for creating inclusive design spaces. As the the first Black, and Black female Dean of Faculty of Design anywhere, Dori offers a unique perspective on recognizing key barriers and creating new paths towards inclusion in design conversation.

11 : 00 AM - 12 : 15 PM

Lightning Talks

13 minute talks by BIPOC folx on race, power, and digital justice

Our speakers include:

> Daniella Barreto

> Yasmin Dini

> Jasmine Gui and Kelly Lui (TACLA initiative)

> Ayat Salih

> Dumo G.

12 : 15 PM - 1 : 15 PM


Lunch catered by the Afghan Women's Catering Group.

1 : 15 PM - 2 : 30 PM

Navigating Race and Power in the Workplace

Participants will have the option of joining one of two small group discussion topics:

> How can we combat performative “Diversity & Inclusion” initiatives in our workplaces and fields?

> How can BIPOC gain professional power outside of work that can be leveraged for better internal and external career opportunities?

The goal is to share space, stories, and collaboratively build strategies together during this session.

2 : 30 PM - 2 : 50 PM

Group Debrief

Groups will convene back in the auditorium for a discussion of key highlights and takeaways

2 : 50 PM - 3 : 00 PM


Thank you's!


We thank OCAD University for providing venue support for the day. We also would like to thank the OCADU BLXCK Students Association for their partnership in this event.

We're also grateful for financial support from Wattpad, the Shuttleworth Foundation, and the Digital Justice Community Grant. The Digital Justice Community Grant is a partnership between Digital Justice Lab, Tech Reset Canada and Centre for Digital Rights.


> Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. This will not be a space for language, behaviour, or attitudes that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, ableist, or classist. Physical and/or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

> Be mindful of how much space you are taking up. We’ll prioritize questions from folks who are Black, Indigenous, WOC, and QTPOC during audience Q&A.

> Don’t assume folks’ pronouns. Please pay attention to what’s written on their name tag, and use they/them if they haven’t specified.

> Be respectful participants and audience members. The event's speakers and facilitators are being generous with their time, energy, and ideas!

If you are experiencing, or have experienced, discrimination and/or harrasment from another participant, you can contact one of the organizers or email intersectto(at)gmail(dot)com, and we will work within our capacity to address your needs and ensure that IntersectTO can continue being a safer space for you.

Workshop Facilitators

We feel so fortunate to have a talented group of facilitators help guide our afternoon discussions. They each bring their unique experiences from across tech, nonprofits, and community arts spaces.

> How can we combat performative “Diversity & Inclusion” initiatives in our workplaces and fields? facilitated by: Diana Yoon, Shaquilla Singh, and Fatima Barron

> How can BIPOC gain professional power outside of work that can be leveraged for better internal and external career opportunities? facilitated by: Chloe Kirlew, Kerry-Ann Douglas-Powell, Gerri Lutaaya, and I-Yana Tucker

Organizing Committee

Aljumaine Gayle, Emily Nguyen, Melissa Haughton, Nandita Bijur, Jennifer Cao, Hazelmae Valenzuela, Lorraine Chuen

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